EV - Risk II

Management and administration require right routines and legislation knowledge.

We learn how to develop systems, combining Work Environment Legislation, standards, manufacturer's guidance and technical competence.

Training is available in both Swedish and English.

Nästa kurs:

EV II – electrical vehicles – safety with damaged or assumed damaged EV-batteries. 

We accept assignments all over Sweden.

Example: up to three participants  10.500 kr /day within 90 km from Göteborg (or Borås), distans Zoom, additional participant  2.450 SEK /person and day. We always try to arrange courses at JB in Jönköping.

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EV-risk I – 17 June, 
Jönköping, kl 08.30-16.30

EV-risk II – 18 June, 
Jönköping, kl 08.30-16.30

Preconditions: It’s quite benefitial with language skills and some work experience. 

Course material: Participant get more importand documents, folders and provisions. Note material included. 

Questions? Call 073-500 93 03

Information and terms – [LINK]

Course Information

Open and company tailored education. At yours, on distance and at your customer etc. 

The employer have the responsibility having safe routines, adequate competence and accordingly risk assessments. The training makes sure that management can arrange the work to anyone who get in contact with damaged or assumed damaged EV-batteries.  Anyone in contact with electric cars must have the right skills, equipment and instructions. This is all upon the employer, and there must be documentation of competence, routines, risk assessments and more.  

Target group

This training is aimed for both management, supervisors, HR and safety representatives within the business of handling EV-batteries that may be damaged or assumed to be damaged. 


Participants must gain knowledge to apply the systematic work environment work, preferably with the following focus:

  1. Legislation knowledge
  2. Well aware of the related systematic work environment management work and electrical safety legislation, as well as ruling standards. 
  3. Knowledge about preventive methonds and ways of work. 
  4. Understanding for how work tasks are to be deviated and how responsibility is to be expected. 
  5. Routines for handling of EV-batteries. 
  6. Knowledge of EV-battary hazards – fire, gas emission, electrical shock and ergonomic issues. Repetition from EV-I. 

EV - Risk 2

  • Work Environment Act
  • Obligations and rights for both employees and employers
  • Basics and extended  – Systematic Work Environment Management
  • Electrical Hazards – repetition
  • Fire Hazards – repetition
  • Gas emission – repetition
  • Routines, creating, maintaining and evalutating
  • Risk management – overview and practice
  • Work Environment Authority – inspections
  • Crisis emergency
  • Stress

Length of course

This is a one day course and should have the EV-I risk course as preconditional knowledge.

  • One day – the course is an intensive brief with exercises. 


4.500:- SEK for one day.
7.900:- SEK for two day (the Risk-I EV-course)

We accept deals delivering anywhere in Sweden. 
One or two days of training.

Example: Up to three participants 10.500 SEK/day within 50 km from Göteborg (or Borås), distans (Zoom), additional participants,  2.450 SEK/person and day.

Longer distance? Information? Offer? Other languages?
Please call uss  073-500 93 03 or send a request, we reply very soon. 

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