EV - Risk 1

Safe handling and of damaged or assumed damaged EV-batteries, and other hazardous batteries. Create safe routines.

Basic knowledge on high voltage EV-batteries. The training is aimed for co-workers and supervisors who deal with high voltage batteries. Managers and safety representatives must also have those basic skills and should add with the course EV Risk 2.

Batterisäkerhet Sverige AB gives this training in both Swedish and English.

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EV RISK 1 – electric cars and other high voltage batteries – safety with damaged or assumed damaged batteries. 

We give this training anywhere in Sweden. 

Example: Up to three participants, 10.500 SEK/day within 50 km radius from Göteborg, or training on distance (Zoom), additional participants 2.450 SEK/person and dag.

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EV-risk 1 – 19 June, (preliminary)
Jönköping, kl 08.30-16.30

EV-risk 2 – 26 June,  (preliminary)
Jönköping, kl 08.30-16.30

Preconditions: It’s beneficial with good language skills and some work experience. 

Course material: Participant get related documentation, folders and provisions. Note material included. 

Questions? Please call 073-500 93 03

Information and terms – [LINK]

Course information

Open and company tailored trainings. At yours, on safe distance, at your customer etc. 

Co-workers who get in contact with damaged EV-batteries must have knowledge and skills, following clear routines and instructions to work safely. Lots of related legislation must be considered.  

Target group

The training is aimed for both co-workers and supervisors, safety representatives, ATEX-officers, HR and management. The entire chain of safety relies on basic knowledge upon the technology, human behavior and organization. The course is also a precondition to the EV-2 course for safety knowldege in related administration.  


Participant must gain knowledge to apply them in the systematic work environment management, while handling EV-batteries, mostly within the following:

  1. Law requirements – basics
  2. Technology and hazards – electric shock, gas emission and fire hazards
  3. Knowledge on preventive methods and safe ways of working
  4. Understanding of how tasks and responsibilities are deviated
  5. Routines for handling of high voltage batteries
  6. Following and adapting routines for handling of damaged vehicles with high power batteries
  7. About personal protective equipment, cordon, signs and insulation testers.

EV 1

  • Organization and legislation requirements – overview
  • Basics – Systematic work environment managent
  • The safety organization
  • Electrical hazards
  • Fire hazards
  • Gas emission hazards
  • Especially about Li-On batteries
  • Safety routines at work – requirements
  • PPE and cordon
  • Practical example – exercise
  • Risk management – overview
  • Competence check and review
Course length

This is a one day course. For management,  supervisors and safety representatives, It’s preferably combined with EV Risk 2.

  • One day – the course is an intensive brief.


4.500:- SEK for one day
7.900:- SEK for two days (+ EVII)

We deliver all over Sweden.
One or two days training.

Example: up to three participants 10.500 SEK/day within 50 km from Göteborg (or Borås), distance Zoom, additional participants 2.450 SEK/person and day.

Longer distance? Information? Offer? Other languages?
Please call 073-500 93 03 or send enquiry – we will reply as soon as possible or call back, usually the same day. 

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