Hot Works - Heta Arbeten®

At fire hazards, two set of statutes are ruling: laws and insurance terms

The concept of Hot Works – Heta Arbeten® – give the company authorisation for hazardous work with heat and sparks.
Batterisäkerhet give this training in both Swedish and English.

Nästa kurs:

Hot Works – Heta Arbeten® 

Emergency? Immediate solution? English or Swedish?
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Ex three participants 10.900 SEK
within 80 km from Gothenburg, additional participants 2.500 SEK each. (Offer also applies to Jönköping and other locations, please ask).

Preconditional knowledge: None.

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Information and terms – [LINK]

Särskild notering: During course in Hot Works – Heta Arbeten® – participant must be dressed adapted to outdoor exercise in fire extinguishing. Too lightly dressed isn’t functional.

To perform the certification test, the participant must bring and show a valid ID.

Course Information

Work that involve heating or sparking is called Hot Work or Heta Arbeten® in Swedish.

The person who is to perform hazardous Hot Work must have competence and experience regarding fire protection. The same applies to the person who is appointed to be a fire watcher.

Competence training must be performed according to the plan adopted by the insurance companies and the Swedish Fire Protection Association’s Hot Work Training Committee.
The person appointed to regularly act as a permit issuer must have corresponding competence and experience.


This course is aimed towards everyone who comes in contact with Hot Work; clients, permit issuers, performers and fire watchers.
This course is the same for all work types.


Få förståelse för riskerna vid heta arbeten. Få fullgoda kunskaper för att få behörighet att utföra heta arbeten, vara brandvakt och regelbundet vara tillståndsansvarig.

Course Content

Various topics, including;

  • Definition of Heta arbeten®
  • Hot Work organisation
  • Performance and permit form for Heta Arbeten®
  • Certification Test

Lenght of course

One day.

Price 3.900 SEK for single ticket

Coffee/tea sandwish, lunch, certificate after passing test. etc. included.

Ex three participants 10.900 SEK within 80 km from Gothenburg, additional participants 2.500 SEK each. (Offer also applies to Jönköping and other locations, please ask).

Interested? Offer? Concerns?

The training is executed in cooperation with  Byggsäkerhet Toppnock AB, 031-788 44 22.  
Please call +46 31-788 44 22 or email (we will get back asap)

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